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Our Clients

Our Clients

We like our clients very much.
They are the sense of our existence,
their interests are the aim of all our
actions. And their smiles are the best
payment for our labour.

Among our clients there are:

  1. Cannon Tools. Main Importer of Kipor, Bulldog and Stormforce generators.
  2. KMS Direct. Supplier of Leading Generators and United Power products.
  3. PJL Allsorts. Supplier of Kipor and Rolson products.
  4. Zenni International. Importer of Kipor products. 
  5. Green Reaper. Supplier of Kipor and gardening products.
  6. Genpower UK. Importer of Evopower products.
  7. Powerland Redditch. Suppliers of generators from 1Kva to 100Kva+
  8. Martyns Bargains Retford. Supplier of Imported generators and other items
  9. Sail & Trail. Generators and other items
  10. Total Garden
  11. DP generators
  12. Miller Tools
  13. Evan Access


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